What Not To Buy From Overseas

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Christmas is just around the corner, you are thinking of presents. You say to yourself I will buy that from overseas and save a bundle. Then things get serious. Say you buy a pioneer setreo and saved $250. But you need to get it installed into a car. That will come with a price. Good installers charge $80 to $95. You say that's ok I can live with that I am still saving money. On the other hand you might have a mate that can install it. But the problem realy starts if something goes wrong. 3 months later your stereo stops working. What happens now. What happens is you need to pull the stereo back out of the car, your mate will do this as you are trying to save money you send it back overseas where you purchased it and they tell you it's not their fault it was installed inccorectly and this is the reason why it will not work. $250 + $95 = $345. The 4345 you just saved has costed you postage back to the place of purchase say I will be generous $20 and they will not replace the unit if you want it back it Will cost you another $20, and you still have a stereo that does not work. You decide I can take it to Alpine as it is an Alpine brand. But you discover they will not honour the warranty as the product was purchased oveseas and it's not covered by their warranty. Wow you saved $345 only to have a product that does not work. Ok what is the moral of this story. The moral is some items should never be purchased overseas as they might cost you more in the long run than if purchased locally. If you say came to myself and purchased an Alpine unit for your car and spent the extra $345 you would have had that unit installed and received a warranty. If any problem occured later you would simply bring your car back to me and say my alpine unti does not work, now it becomes my problem. But the most important thing you have going for you is consumer affairs. Consumer Affairs is in every state and they are a government body. You can complain to them and rest assurede they will act. I can tell you a little story about an item we purchased at a local market and it stoped working a day later. The item was only $10. No big deal, the point I am making is, we returned this item to the place of purchase and they refused to exchange it. We then rang consumer affairs and they met us at the local market and we took them to the stall, they explained to the stall holder the rules and guess what, we received a new item. So as you can see some items should never be purchased from overseas sellers. I am not saying do not buy cheap items from overseas sellers. I do, but then if something is going to cost me $20, I don't expect it to last long. On the other hand if I was going to purchase an alpine unit for my car and it retailed in australia for $650 and i could get it from overseas for $450 including postage. I would think twice. Now i stand to part with $450 and never get to enjoy my product.
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