What To Look For In A Breast Pump?

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Now that you've decided what kind of breast pump is right for you, you should then consider these critical factors which will help you narrow down your candidates to only a few final models.

Whether the pump...

  • Has djustable vacuum suction for comfort
  • Has variable pumping speeds or rhythms that mimic your baby's sucking to stimulate milk flow
  • Is easy to use and clean
  • And most importantly, whether it is 100% safe and poses no health risk (i.e. BPA in plastic) to your baby.

Apart from these key factors, you should also take into account things like...

  • Size and weight which will determine the pump's mobility
  • Operation flexibility (i.e. electricity, batteries or manual)
  • And the noise level.

These are important factors if you're going back to work and need to express during the day. A compact and quiet pump allows you to be discreet while expressing outside the comfort of your own home.

When buying a breast pump, you may wish to get accessories to help you get the most out of it. Some handy accessories are:

  • Storage bags or bottles for collecting and storing your expressed milk. Make sure they are BPA free.
  • Microwave bags which let you steam-clean pump parts in the microwave.
  • A carrying bag with an insulated compartment and "blue ice" packs to keep your milk cool throughout the day when there's no fridge around.
  • Breast shields or soft shields that massage the breast during pumping, soothe sore nipples and help increase milk flow.
  • Disposable or washable bra pads to control leaking.

Enjoy breastfeeding and breast-pumping.

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Hi my name is Pia and I'm a qualified early childhood teacher and long-time childcare professional who has worked directly with hundreds of babies, children and families in Australia and Canada over the past 8 years. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Guide. For more information, drop by my eBay Store and check out quality breastfeeding products I've personally picked for you.


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