What To Look For When Buying A Cycling Bike Jersey Top

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What To Look For When Buying A Cycling Jersey!


When your looking to buy a cycling jersey there is a number of important things you should look out for.  Your Choice of jersey will come down to personal preference, but heres a list of things you should look out for, to make sure you have the best jersey to suit you!


Fit - The fit could either be loose or tight, it really depends on what you prefer.  Tighter fits are more common, and are better for moisture wicking as well as aiding in aerodynamics.  Looser fits on the other hand are usually more comfortable, and commonly come in long sleeve so they are good for sun protection and warmth.

Material - The material could either be light weight polyester material to pull sweat away from you whilst riding, or tight Lycra to increase blood flow to the heart whilst riding.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Polyester being slightly lighter and Lycra with its 'performance enhancing' qualities.

Zip - Longer zips tend to be better, as if the weather conditions change, you can unzip it or zip it up to accommodate the conditions.

Pockets - Most cycling jerseys will come standard with 3 pockets at the back of the jersey for things like, food, water, your MP3 player etc.  The pockets may seem unnecessary when you are first buying a jersey, but you will quickly learn how essential they become.

Weight - The weight of the jersey should be determined by the weather conditions you are buying it for.  Lighter polyester jerseys for example, are good for hotter and milder conditions, however you may need to get a thicker fleece lined jersey for those cooler days.

Size - A fairly obvious thing when looing for a jersey (but commonly overlooked, as people think they know what size they are), is to check the measurements before buying.  Since you probably will be wearing the jersey quite a lot, its very important to check the measurements carefully before buying to get the right size for your body, so that you are as comfortable as possible whilst riding!


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