What To Look For When Buying A Torch / Flashlight

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Buying a torch can be a daunting task. But in this guide, we will outline some of the key things to look for when buying a torch. There is an easy process to follow which will lead you to the right torch for you, depending on what you need it for. These days, a torch is more than a thing that makes light. Torches are becoming more advanced with new features being added to different torches all the time. Below, I will outline the key things to look for when buying a torch: 

1.The Length of The Torch - The length of the torch depends solely on what you will be using the torch for. There are 2 main lengths available. The first is a small, pocket-sized torch that can be stored in your car glove box, your pocket or your handbag. These torches are usually between 5 to 15 cm long. The other length available are long, baton-like torches that are usually 30-50 cm long. These torches are usually used by security guards and they provide extra brightness. 

 2. The Brightness of The Torch - The brightness of a torch is measured in Lumens. An average torch is roughly 50 Lumens. However, the brightness of a torch can range from 50 Lumens all the way up to 1000 Lumens. The perfect brightness for an everyday torch is roughly 80-150 Lumens. This is still extremely bright and will more than suffice for use as an everyday torch. 

 3. The Globe That Is Used - The globe that is used can greatly affect the brightness and battery life of the torch. Standard globes tend to break more often and will need to be replaced more often. LED bulbs will generally never need to be replaced during their lifetime, and they are normally much brighter than standard globes. LED torches are becoming more and more popular because they use less battery and don't need to be replaced as often (if ever) as standard globes need to be replaced. 

 4. The Material It Is Made From - Originally, torches were made from cheap plastic which would easily scratch and would even break when dropped. Modern torches are now made with machined aluminium which is less prone to scratching and breaking than standard plastic torches. Aluminium torches tend to last longer than cheap plastic torches. Aluminium torches can also be used as a weapon by both men and women when they come under attack. 

 5. The Battery It Uses - The battery that a torch used can greatly affect many things. The battery that is used can affect the brightness of the torch and the run time of the torch. Ideal torches use standard AA batteries that are easily and cheaply replaced. However, brighter and more advanced torches use CR123A batteries which are more expensive, but they normally last for longer than AA batteries. 

 6. The Features The Torch Has - Torches can have many features which close the deal for a buyer. Most LED torches have a focusing control that enables you to focus the LED at 1X Flood and 4X Spot. Another features is Dimming Control, which enables you to change the brightness of the torch, depending on where you are and what you are using the torch for. Another feature is a tactical switch on the end of the torch which is used to turn the torch on and off. The tactical switch enables you to easily turn the torch on and off with your thumb, while the torch sits in your hand. 

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