What a bargain!!!! Or is it?

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So, here you are scanning eBay for a bargain. Opening multiple pages as you go along then checking them to see if it is what you are after at the price you want. Then "BINGO", you find it! WOW, only "$X amount of dollars, these are usually worth 5 times that amount. Then you hit the bid  or Buy It Now button.
OK, STOP!!!!
Read the auction very carefully. It may very well be a great bargain but then again, maybe there is something to that old adage "If it's too good to be true...it proberly is"

Read the description, does it seem accurate?
Check the country it is being shipped from, is it huge postage costs?

I have seen a few things in my quest for a bargain on a particular item I am looking for and thankfully, I have taken the time to read the description a few times. Ahhhh it is not a life size Wozzit. It is actually a costume/item for a small toy. Or, it is coming from China and although the item is only $1, the postage is a massive $49.95 ( what an exact figure for postage hmmmm.

So as long as you do these 2 simple things:
1) READ the description
2) CHECK the postage rate
you will minimise the chance of making a costly mistake.

And remember...if you are not sure...ASK THE SELLER A QUESTION!!!
When you do so, always click the "DON'T SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS" button
If they do not respond, then dont buy form them. What have they got to hide?, If they cannot answer a simple question, what chance have you got of recieving the item if you buy it?

If the buyer does answer, then you will have a copy of his answer in your eBay mailbox. That way if they have misled you, then you will have a copy to prove it.

Just bear in mind though before you get the Feds on them that people do make mistakes. If you feel you have been misled, contact the seller, explain your situation and give them a chance to rectify the situation. If that fails, then sic eBay on em!
We dont need sellers who are out to rip us off here.

I hope this is of some use to you. Fell free to click on the link below if it was :-)

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