What and How to Pack For Fly-In Hunting Trip Tips

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Ah, the time has finally come. After weeks and weeks of anticipation, it's just around the corner now. The Fantastic Fly-In hunting trip you've been waiting for. Here are some tips to relieve the stress and to make sure you have all your supplies accounted for.

1) Make a check-list for everything you need to take with you so you don't over-look something at the last minute.

2) Stay Legal - Get your permits early. When doing this you will be able to up-date or replace your Resident Hunter Card. Include what you need for Out of province hunt or Non-resident permits.

3) Phone the airport that you are using and inquire about the check-in with how many pounds of luggage your allowed, how many carry-on can be taken and whether knives and bladed multi-tools are okay in the checked-in luggage.

4) Have All bags Tagged for identification.

5) Firearms Must be transported Unloaded.

6) You need a tough, rigid, lockable gun case. If this type of case was dropped, it would not damage your gun.

7) Ammunition MUST be packed in their original boxes. To prevent the box from getting damaged wrap packing tape around it several times.

8) Large Rolling Duffle Bag for carrying your bulky items like chest waders, rain suit, parkas, boots, sweaters, overalls, insulated under-wear and this is also a good place to put some of your ammunition.

9) Rolling Carry-On for carrying a change of clothes and personal items razor, tooth-brush & paste, comb or brush etc. Liquid 3oz. containers are allowed in clear plastic sealed bags. eg. hair shampoo, liquid shower gel. No lighters and No sharp objects.

10) Hand Carry a Blind Bag ( small duffle bag with handles but no wheels) to carry your face mask, hat, gloves, calls, 2 way radios, camera and binoculars 8 x 35 size is good. Also a harness for your binoculars, very convenient and can use without fumbling for them.

Remember, Take Everything You Need But Not More Than Necessary.

Make this a hunting trip of a life-time and have fun. Good Luck on the Big-Boy !

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