What are Beanie Kids (BK)

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The purpose of this guide is to explain to everyone what beanie kids are and inform you of their history including when they were first launched and why it is important to keep them in mint condition, for resale value.

Brief History of Beanie kids (BK)

Beanie Kids were launched in Australia in September 1997. The product was launched as a soft toy initially, but it didn't take long for collectors to develop a keen eye for the product and see the potential for Beanie Kids as a collectible in the secondary market within Australia.

Since then, popularity of these cute collectables has grown resulting in millions of units sold around Australia.

Beanie Kids are a small 8-inch, bean filled collectable plush toy that is currently available in the gift and specialty market. The Beanie Kid range consists of a large and ever growing variety of bears and animals.

The Beanie Kid program works in such a way that all beanies are launched to the market with their own birth dates, star signs and special names. These Beanies are know as current Beanies, that is, they are continually produced and available to the general market. However, after a period of time (unknown by buyers and collectors) they will be retired.

Retirement of a Beanie Kid signifies a date from which they will no longer be manufactured and therefore whatever quantity has been produce to date is it. When a Beanie Kid retires, the value of the Beanie Kid increases as they become harder to find. Even the slowest selling Beanie Kid will move out as soon as it retires.

One of the main factors for determining the value of a Beanie Kid in the secondary market is the condition of the swing tag. All serious collectors protect their swing tags with their lives.  The swing tag is the descriptive tag that is attached to the Beanie Kids ear. They also have a tush tag that is sewn in by the manufacturers and collectors use both of the tags to decide which generation a Beanie Kid belongs to.

There have been many generations of swingtags produced for Beanie kids. Obviously the earlier the generation swingtags are, the more money the Beanie Kids will be worth on the secondary market.

The Beanie Kid, itself, must also remain in mint condition to maintain its value.

Many of the original Beanie Kids are fetching very attractive secondary market values to date and these figures are on the rise. 

The designs of Beanie Kids are frequently retired and new ones introduced, constantly feeding the collector’s appetite. Skansen have an experienced and dedicated product development team, constantly working on keeping this product range exciting and sought after.

Beanie Kids went on-line in March 1998.

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