What are Fairies?

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Fairies are Nature Angels, the lowest manifestation within

the Angelic Hierarchy. They, along with Nereids, Gnomes, Salamanders,

Undines and Elves make up the Elementals. Fairies are tiny energy beings,

around 1 to 3 inches long that are transported from place to place by their

dragonfly or butterfly-like wings . They are the Guardian Angels of animals and

nature, therefore their purpose is to ensure the health and safety of all

plants, trees, animals and Mother Earth. Sprites are wingless water fairies-

they are protectors of the water ways and guardians of the waterbirds and water


Fairies, unlike other angels, have a very light etheric

physical body. This is because they live on a denser astral plane, closer

to our physical plane than other angels, who exist higher up in the spiritual

realm. Human Beings live on the densest astral plane of all, then the

plants and animals and just above them, the fairies and other elementals.

Because they live on this dense level, they are half incarnated,

half in the spirit world. As with other incarnated beings, they live in a

world of illusion and therefore, a world experienced via the ego.

Fairies exist around trees and plants, preferring wildflowers and natural bush

settings. They feel the pain inflicted upon plants, trees and animals and

their physical bodies are harmed by our pesticides and cleaning agents. By

refusing to use these harmful products, we are not only helping the environment

but we are being kind to the fairies and helping them to fulfil their purpose.

With every little thing we do to preserve and protect nature and the animals,

every bit of rubbish we pick up, every item we rinse and re-cycle, every product

we buy that is free-range and with every product we purchase and eat that is

organic, we are helping the fairies! The fairies want us to ‘say no to

pesticides and cruelty to animals’. The elementals can sense when a

human has genuine concern for the environment and they will regard you highly

for this.

Fairies are emotionally and physically sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of

humans. They have great healing abilities which we feel the benefits of

when we are out in nature or close to animals. When we spend time in

nature, the fairies can clear the negativity from our energy fields (auras),

leaving us feeling more vibrant and refreshed.

Fairies have been misperceived over the years as naughty and even nasty, this is

because they have been compared to angels. It is unfair to make this

comparison as the fairies live in the densest energy and have to contend with an

ego. The truth is, fairies are very loving beings who have a very

important job to do. They take their purpose seriously and can get

agitated and annoyed when people are purposely cruel to animals or have no

regard for nature and the environment, which by the way, is their home.

The truth is-fairies are just as real and just as loving as all of the

other angels Next time you are out in nature have a thought for

these little beings and when you come back feeling refreshed give thanks for the

healing you just received – free of charge. In return, maybe you could

invest in some chemical free cleaning agents or find some other way to help the


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