What are ‘Hot Time’ buying periods?

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What are ‘Hot Time’ buying periods?

Hot Time buying periods refer to those periods of time when there is supposedly the maximum activity on eBay. During these times, there are maximum numbers of people on the website in search for various products. Thus, if you list your auction during these times, you are likely to get the maximum eye balls that could translate into increased sales. Statistics show that the following times are some of the hot buying periods on eBay:

- 9pm to 11pm for the Eastern Zone
- 6pm to 8 pm for the Pacific Zone
- 8pm to 10pm for Central
- And 7pm to 9pm for Mountain Time Zone

Thus, depending on which location you live in, you should create your listings between these periods of time.

Apart from the time periods, the day you create your listing also has an impact on sales. For instance, many people are away from work on weekends and thus do not surf the internet, specifically eBay, during that time. Thus, it may be a good idea to have your auctions through the week. However, this rule does not apply to every product and category; hence you may want to keep track of when your best sales are occurring and then list accordingly.

The closing time of an auction is also critical to its success. Many buyers wait until the last few seconds of an auction before placing their bid. Thus, you need to ensure that your auction is closing during hot time buying periods and not some godforsaken hour such as 3am!

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