What are stellar Essences?

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An essence made from a vibration of a planetary constellation - what's that about? ....................

Stellar Essences are a vibrational infusion at the most potent level of the healing properties of constellations and planetary influences without the negative aspects.
They are a relatively new (about 1997) product, yet are receiving wonderful reports from Kinesiologists and healing practitioners alike. Many people have purchased the Stellar essences "just to try" in their clinics are are coming back with rave reviews.

A high level Qi Gong tenchique is utilised, along with radionic preparations to infuse the liquid with the energies of the constellations. A powerful and rapid healing tool.

When do I use Gem or Stellar?
When would I use each essence ?

In my professional opinion I generally find that flower essences test up (I use Kinesiology) in cases where there is not too much wrong. Where the patient needs a gentle healing or needs to be weaned gently into the healing process. Generally they work on imbalanced emotional states. Gem Essences seem to test up when the patient is prepared to move more quickly through their healing process or when the healing required has moved into the physical. Stellar essences are very rapid healing, they test up when the client is wanting to rapidly accelerate through their healing, they are prepared to accept responsibility for what has created the imbalance and move through their healing process. They also test up when they client no longer has time for subtle healing, such as when the concern has been around for a long time or is rapidly degenerating the body.

All three can be utilised together with no side effects although for maximum benefit it is best that they are taken at least a few minutes apart. They do not need to be taken internally, they can be shaken, applied on the finger tips and rubbed into the temples, wrists and passed through the aura (energy field surrounding the body).

 Essence Introduction 
The information printed on this site is the opinion of the author and it must be pointed out that the use of crystals, gems and essences are to correct energy imbalances that may in turn be creating physical problems and illness.

We do not work with the actual ailment, for so many times we find that as we correct the energy flow or the imbalance in the emotional states the body discards the state of mind which may be creating the ailment and replaces this in turn with good health.

We do not discard the importance of seeing a professional doctor whenever applicable and recommend that  you check with your medical practitioner BEFORE you embark on any form of healing or techniques.

Gem Essences are a wonderful method of aligning the subtle bodies and rebalancing the natural harmony we seek. In understanding this amazing form of vibrational medicine you are taking the first step to improving the health, vitality and wellbeing of yourself and those around you.

Restore harmony  and balance within the emotions, produce inner peace and replenish your experience of tranquillity.

We  would love to assist you to locate the correct essence for your wellbeing, on our direct website (listed on our ME page) we even have topics of discussion and methods to select the best essence for you

We have other guides written on this & other topics too.........

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