What are the different types of eBay listing periods?

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What are the different types of eBay listing periods?

A listing period is the duration for which a listing is open on eBay. The different types of eBay listing periods depend on whether the listing is an auction type listing or a Fixed Price listing.

Auction listings are typically divided into the following listing periods:

- 1 day auction: These are generally used for extremely popular and rare items that sellers know will attract immediate bids from buyers.
- 3 day auction: These too are quite similar to one day auctions but the slightly longer listing period allows sellers to get added exposure and attract higher bids.
- 5 day auction: This type of listing period is quite popular with most eBay sellers as it gives them enough time to attract good bids but not too much time that buyers lose interest in the listing.
- 7 day auction: This is the standard listing period on eBay. Many sellers opt to use this listing period because it enables them to keep their auction live over a weekend, which could be a time when they get their best bids.
- 10 day auction: This is also known as an extended auction and allows sellers to have maximum buyers visit their listings. However, the long period may cause some buyers to lose interest in your listing altogether. For such a listing period, eBay charges sellers an additional fee over the standard listing period.

A fixed price listing can be for a maximum duration of 30 days and can also be converted into a Good Til Cancelled listing which automatically renews after each 30 day listing period.

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