What are those round 50c coins really worth????

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The 1966 silver round 50c peice is both one of the most intersting and misunderstood coin in the Australian history.At the time it was the highest denomination issued and one of the few world circulation still to be issued in silver.Great Britian for instance stoped macking silver coins way back in 1947.this proved to be it's downfall however, the coin was either withdrawn or horderd shortly afer it's release as a rise in silver values made the coin worth more than it's face value.The goverment was acually lossing money issuing this coin. there was no surprises when the goverment took the coin of after only oone year.

Most people would think the coin would get higher in value but that's not always true.Because the silver is worth more than the coin we have to go of the silver price and that can change alot.At the moment the silver price is about $19 an ounce.You need three coins to make an ounce so eachcoin would have to be worth about $6.50

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