What do Top, Middle & Bottom Notes mean in Fragrances?

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What do Top, Middle & Base Notes mean in Fragrances?

"The notes of a fragrance are the different phases through which a perfume develops when you spray it on your skin" (Michael Edwards). Perfume have three notes: a top, a middle and a bottom.

Top Notes, the first scent impression when the bottle is opened. Composed of lighter, more volatile aromas that burst on your skin when you first spray (Michael Edwards). Usually fade within 10-15 minutes.

Middle Notes, take about 10-30 minutes to develope on the skin but last approximately 3-4 hours. These scents give personality and character to the composition and create the aura that is the dominant theme of the fragrance (Michael Edwards). These are the notes that classify the fragrance family (floral, aquatic, woody, oriental etc.).

Base Notes, base notes appear last and are made up of the greatest molecular weight. These are considered the foundation of the fragrance. "They are the heaviest and least volatile notes that give depth and tenacity. They create the memory that makes the theme linger in your mind, and help the fragrance last on the skin" (Michael Edwards).

I hope this has helped you understand fragrance notes.

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