What does Lux mean

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Lux (1/10 of a foot candle) is a standardised method by which to measure a security camera's sensitivity to light. The lower the number, the less light it will take to reproduce a clear image. For example: A security camera that sees down to 1 Lux, means it generally has the ability to see an image during early evening hours or just before dusk. A security camera that's down to 0.1 Lux has the ability to see an image in let's say, a well lit parking lot. A rating of 0.05 Lux, the ability to clearly view an image in a dimly lit area at night. A 0.05 Lux security camera actually sees better than the human eye at night!

Cameras with low Lux rating are usually very expensive. A camera with .05Lux sells over $200.

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