What does TERAPEAK Impressions mean?

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When looking at your eBay in account setting you may come across TERAPEAK. It's an application on eBay that if absolutely free (and very handy). Providing you with statistics about you seller level, page views, clicks, page impressions and more.

The question often asked is 'what  does  impressions mean', it's actually an indication of how many times your ad appears on another person's screen and generally speaking it is desirable to have a high impression to page views ratio as it indicates how effective you are at attracting buyers. 

TERAPEAK also allows you to see Avg selling price,Items sold and total revenue all in an easy to read graph . TERAPEAK is what  thousands of the world’s most successful sellers on eBay and Amazon rely on to discover what products are about to jump off the shelves, what prices to charge, and what their competitors are doing. Its key features are as follows:
Price items
Know when to sell
Boost your profits
Research your competition
Find hot products
Know how to sell

If you are interested in TERAPEAK and are yet to install it to your Ebay, click on your name at the top left of your screen, from there you want to click account settings then applications. Name{top left}>account settings>applications>TERAPEAK.
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