What games do I use for my Gameboy System?

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Consumers often get confused what game cartridges will work for them in the Nintendo Gameboy system.. Originally Nintendo made the system known as Gameboy. This was the system that played cartridges known as Gameboy. Then came Gameboy Color and now there is Gameboy Advance.

Gameboy Advance or also known as GBA use cartridges called Gameboy Advance. You will see on the front of the box a silver band on the left side with the words Gameboy Advance.

You also have the game system known as GBA SP. The GBA SP uses the same games as the Gameboy Advance or GBA. The GBA SP is not a different system then the Gameboy Advance or GBA  nor are there different games made. No game will ever say GBA SP on it. You will only see the words Gameboy Advance as a GBA SP  is actually a Gameboy Advance.

Now if Nintendo did not confuse consumers enough last year they came out with Gameboy Micro. Well again the Gameboy Micro uses the same games as the Gameboy Advance or GBA . The Gameboy Micro is not a different system then the Gameboy Advance or GBA or GBA SP as far as what games are used.

In summary the Gameboy Advance or also know as GBA , the GBA SP and the Gameboy Micro all use the same games and these are called Gameboy Advance games.

Also Gameboy Advance games are not regions specific and will work on any Gameboy advance system worldwide.

Here are photos of these systems that all use the Gameboy Advance games.

The Gameboy Advance 


The Gameboy Micro

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