What happened on 3FEB 2008,CHICAGO,USA...LIVE...man/run

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NEWSPAPER ARTICLE...today is the 3feb 2008..."FIVE WOMEN ARE DEAN IN THE US"...FIVE WOMEN in a clothing store have been shot dead today by anknown man at this stage...LIVE ADVICE FOR ANYONE IN CHICAGO who can read this for information...THE POLICE are looking for a man wearing "BLACK JEAN's"...a "BLACK" full-length!!!COAT and a "BLAck" knit cap OR beanie...AT FIRST THIS DESCRIPTION MAY SOUND LIKE A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK AND IT IS...BUT IF EVERYONE ELSE TAKES THOSE THING'S OFF TODAY,EVEN IF IT'S ONLY ONE OF THE THREE...IT WILL STILL WORK...THEN HE WILL SUDDENLY BE VERY noticable ON THE streets WERE HE MAY BE WALKING AT THE MOMENT,TO HIDE ALL HE HAS TO DO IS KEEP WALKING AROUND THE CITY UNTIL HE GETS BACK TO HIS HOUSE OR CAR ETC!!!if HE ISN'T AT EITHER OF THOSE YET THEN THERE IS A HIGHER PROBABITY OF THE POLICE CATCHING HIM USING THIS METHOD...ONCE THE POLICE HAVE FOUND OUT MORE AND HAVE HIS "house","car" ETC...HE WILL BE back ON THE STREETS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN'S,IT'S JUST HOW LONG THIS WILL TAKE,WE DON'T KNOW...The police should release this to the media if they currently know he is still dressed like this and walking...that removing all of these items by the public would help the police catch the man...depending and wether he has money for more clothes this still doesn't matter because it will force him to enter a shop somewhere today to buy something to wear and 99% of the time there will be a camera...even if he only uses a bank ATM,he's DONE...This is like that children's game guess who...you find the bady by a series of elimination and what I have described is exactly the same...AT the very least and no-one reads this...all SHOPS and MALLS and SECURITY CAMERAS everywhere still store a copy of all of todays footage...labeled and put in a safe...just in case one day you have a knock on the door from the police with some connection in this the POLICE will discover in there investigation which is only in the early stages as I am in melb,12.08pm...source "ABC"...Police at this stage won't release their AGES!!!or say whether the victims were employees of the store "LANE BRYANT",women's clothing or customer's(the store is located in SOUTH-WEST "CHICAGO...police responded too an emergency call out at 10.44(local time)...p.s.from JT...DO WE NOW NEED WOMEN ONLY SHOPS???(come on)...if you in CHICAGO I'm really sorry for you guy's and I hope this HELP's...joanne...we still have no MOTIVE...said TINLEY PARK POLICE...TJ Grady(S)...
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