What is Amber?

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Amber is not actually stone. It is fossilized tree resin which has hardened and
weathered over 40 million years, giving it a unique and attractive quality.

Since ancient times it has been considered a sacred and valuable commodity and 
was one of mankind’s first commercial products, only being afforded by nobility.

People initially hung amber or embedded it beneath the foundations of their house,
as it was believed to protect the occupants  and ensure good luck. Due to these
beliefs, amber was often a treasure that was passed down as a family heirloom.

However, as well as being a powerful spiritual cleanser, amber was (and still is)
more widely known as a natural medicine. It has been used to help treat a variety
of physical ailments since the beginning of time and whether you believe in the
benefits of amber or not, there no denying that it is equally as popular and
fashionable today as it ever was.

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