What is CREE LED Light Bar and Why Should You Buy It?

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If you are going to buy a lighting device for your 4x4, truck, boat, or heavy equipment, make sure that it is a CREE LED light bar. This piece of lighting equipment has an excellent track record when it comes to reliability, durability, and providing users with great results. As such, if you want to get 100% customer satisfaction and excellent value for your money, you should select lighting devices that feature LED light bulbs made by CREE.

What is CREE?

If you have seen your fair share of light bars and driving lights, you have probably noticed that many of them are marked with the “CREE” brand name. In a nutshell, CREE is a company based in North Carolina, USA, known for developing semiconductors and LEDs. It is a global leader in LED manufacturing and has a huge market share when it comes to energy-efficient lighting products used in a wide range of applications.
Companies that manufacture LED light bars and driving lights, like Elinz Electronics, obtain the LED light bulbs they use for their products from CREE. This basically explains why aside from the name of the manufacturer of a particular light bar, you’ll also see the name CREE on the box or on the product itself.

Why buy light bars with CREE LEDs?

So why should you choose lighting devices that feature LED light bulbs made by CREE? Here are some of the reasons why.
1. Reliable. As mentioned earlier, CREE is a leader in the global LED industry. The company wouldn’t be able to earn this huge reputation if isn’t capable of delivering dependable and state of the art lighting products to millions of its customers worldwide. By investing in a lighting device with CREE LEDs, you can expect reliability and dependability.
2. Energy-efficient. CREE LEDs are widely known for their energy efficiency. A CREE LED light bulb can replace an ordinary 65-watt light bulb while using only 10.5 watts. In its 50,000 hour lifetime, it will consume about only 525 kilowatt-hour. This is one of the reasons why CREE LEDs have a huge share of the LED market and are widely used in a wide range of applications including automotive, residential, and commercial use.
3. Long-lasting. Here’s another reason why you should buy light bars online with CREE LEDs. As compared to standard lighting devices, they have a longer service life. They can last for up to 50,000 hours of usage, which is equivalent to at least five years.
At Elinz Electronics, we offer light bars and driving lights equipped with LEDs made by CREE. If you’re looking for reliable and durable, yet affordable CREE LED light bar for sale, log on to our site now.

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