What is DIM or diindolylmethane as its known ?

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We get asked almost everyday what is DIM and Why is it so good for both Men & Women to help reduce Body fat ?

Well DIM is a natural compound found in what is called cruciferous types of vegetables this includes things like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts (I knew they would be good for something one day) and Broccoli.
The Shortened DIM word stands for diindolylmethane it has been shown to help stimulate the 2-hydroxy pathway for better estrogen metabolism which in turn helps reduce the ratio of 4 and 16 – hydroxyl estrogen these two metabolites of estrogen have allot of negative side effects including and increase in fluid retention, increase rates of cancer and body fat accumulation.
Now when we start talking about Estrogen Men often think it does not relate to them! WRONG.
Estrogen is found in both Men and Women and it seems most women understand that there is such a thing as Estrogen dominance. For women it makes it increasing more difficult to control weight and there menstrual cycles.
For Men the symptoms are Weight Gain, loss of lean muscle Mass and also decrease sex dive but also a higher risk of things like heart disease and prostate issues.
Most studies have show in Men a dosage of 200-400mg of DIM per day will help reduce 4,16 hydroxyl estrogen while increasing 2 hydroxy pathway’s for Estrogen metabolism.
With DIM-INISH we have a 200mg dosage per serve we have found customers both Men and Women get a dramatic effect within the first 5 days of taking 200-400mg a day . 

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