What is DVR, how to choose your DVR?

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In CCTV security system terms, DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, it is used to digitally record images from the security cameras.

There are different ways to record images from your cameras. 

In the old days, we used video cassette recorder (VCR).  The bad thing with VCR is, you need many video tapes.  The most economic option is using a 180 mins cassette tape, with "long play" recording mode, you will record 6 hours on each tape.  You need 4 video tapes for a 24 hour day's recording, that is, if you have someone physically change the tape, otherwise it just stops when one tape is finished.   When it comes to searching the footage, it is another huge task trying to find the right tape from the pile of tapes, then play the 6 hour tape, hoping the FF and REW keys on the remote don't get too tired.

With the digital DVR method, your task becomes much easier. You record the camera images onto a hard drive, no need to change video tape any more, then when you play back the recording, the whole month's data is on the single hard disk, you may search by date, time, etc.

Visit MY STORE for all security DVR systems.  The major advantages with our digital DVR systems are:

  • Record and playback data from a single source.  With recycle recording, you always have the most recent data of up to 2 or 3 months (depending on hard disk size and system configuration)
  • View camera over the network/internet from anywhere in the world (with network option)
  • Built-in Movement Detection function, so you may set up to only record when there is movement
  • Multiple camera input (from 1 to 16 cameras, depending on the DVR system)
  • Easy data back up

The most economic option is to install a DVR card to your PC computer, and turn you PC into a DVR system. You may get a DVR card like these:

DVR card - 25/30 FPS
DVR card - 100/120 FPS
DVR card - 200/240 FPS

(Refer to our other Guide for explanation of "FPS" -DVR frame per second rate)

If you have a LAPTOP computer, you may use a USB DVR device:

USB DVR recording system

For Turn-Key solution, a Stand-Alone DVR system is easy to use, everything is in the one box, it has all features listed above.  With the Stand-Alone system, just power up, connect to a TV, connect the camera cables, and it is ready to go. 


More Stand-Alone DVR systems are available, some of our DVR systems even come with the in-built LCD screen.

Visit MY STORE  or contact us for details.

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