What is EAS???

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Electronic Article Surveillance  (EAS) is a retail loss prevention system that protects retail merchandise by using security tags (placed on the merchandise) and labels and detection equipment (located at the store exit).

Also known as an anti-shop theft system theft, EAS Systems provide retailers with a safe means of deterring and detecting shop theft.

The primary roll of the EAS System is to deter shoppers from committing shop theft (shop lifting) from the store using the EAS System.

An EAS system has three components:

1) labels and hard tags-electronic sensors that are attached to merchandise;

2) deactivators and detachers-used at the point of sale to electronically deactivate labels and detach reusable hard tags as items are purchased; and

3) detectors that create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout aisles.

The EAS process begins by attaching labels or hard tags to merchandise. When an item is purchased, the label is deactivated or the hard tag is removed. However, if merchandise with an active label or hard tag is carried past the detector, an alarm sounds.

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