What is Feng Shui

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Feng, the Dragon’s Breath and Shui the Water Dragon dart and dance throughout the landscape and bring fortune or ill depending on their placement and directions. The wind stops at water and accumulates and a gentle breeze will bring beneficial Ch’i as water that is clean and flowing gently accumulates Ch’i and brings benefits to the site.

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui ( Wind-Water ) or Chinese Geomancy lies behind the intricate structures and form of their architecture. It is the observation and practice of thousands of years of refining an understanding of nature's laws. It's roots lie in the landscapes, directions and astrological influences of our surroundings, or more correctly nature.

The Chinese observed an influence of an energy that they called, Ch'i and realised that this energy was responsible for the maintenance of good health and prosperity. Ch'i permeates through everything and everything is this Ch'i. Understanding its ebbs and flows took the Chinese on a fascinating journey that has led to the most magnificent of buildings and a civilisation, regardless of its enormous population, that lived in harmony with the 'living earth' most of it’s very long history.

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