What is Statement Necklace

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Black wooden resin statement necklace from Zoda
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Black wooden resin statement necklace from Zoda

As the name suggests, it is a necklace that makes a statement. It is usually bold, chunky, unique and attention-grabbing. It should be the focal point of your outfit so they should be interesting and draw attention to your chest area.

Statement necklace can transform any outfit dramatically, making it more sophisticated and up-to-date.

How to wear statement necklace

Because of their bold nature, wearing a statement necklace can be intimidating. However, if worn right they can spice up any plain outfits instantly and will make you appear chic and stylish. The general rule is to wear one statement piece at a time so don’t load up on bangles, oversized earrings and rings. The necklace should be the main focus, everything else should be minimal. Small studs earrings and simple bracelets will complement your necklace nicely.

The great thing about statement necklace is it can be great for any occasions. You can wear it with simple  basic tee and it will give you a totally different look. Pairing it with dressy outfit can make you look more stylish or glamorous.

I hope that helps. If you are looking for statement necklaces to add to your wardrobe, check out our   collection at Melzbeads.

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