What is a Harmony Ball Pendant?

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What is a Harmony Ball Pendant?

Of the diverse range of balinese silver jewellery, the most purposeful and intricately designed is surely the harmony ball pendant. 
Unique to Bali, the harmony ball, also known as a dream ball or chime ball, is an exquisite circular pendant, meticulously designed 
and crafted by skilled artisans from genuine 925 sterling silver.

The harmony ball consists of a silver or brass inner sphere of 2cm diameter, containing a small brass bell which chimes and vibrates 
against the sphere when moved. The sphere and bell are only the beginning of the silversmith's creative expression. The outside of the 
sphere is then elaborately decorated with intricate silver designs. The harmony ball is often crowned with a magnificent gemstone such 
as turquoise, amethyst, garnet, black onyx or moonstone. Each design style is exclusive to a specific Balinese family, being passed 
down from generation to generation.

How Can I Use Harmony Balls?

When you hold your harmony ball, you will feel a sense of tranquility drift over you as you listen to the soothing chime of the hidden 
bell and marvel at its stunning design. And this is their purpose; to soothe, nurture and relax the owner. The calming effect of harmony 
balls can be harnessed by wearing them on a necklace for personal relaxation, or  hung in any space that you wish to create a sense of 
tranquility. The pendants are commonly worn to aid in creating a nurturing and positive space for meditation.

In Bali, expectant mothers carefully choose a harmony ball that they feel a special connection with, they then wear it around their neck 
during pregnancy. There is an age old belief that the tranquil chiming sound helps to soothe and relax their unborn child. Harmony balls 
are also a beautiful gift idea for special friends and in Bali this is a custom to symbolise the timeless friendship between close companions.

Some other great ways to bring the magic of harmony balls into your life:

• Wear as earrings
• Hang your harmony ball in a window
• Use as a keychain for car keys
• Decorate your cars rear view mirror

How Do I Know I Am Buying Quality?   

Buyers should beware of cheap imitations when shopping online. There many substandard versions that are poorly made and lack the 
quality of authentic harmony balls. Always make sure you only buy sterling silver harmony balls.

You can tell you are buying genuine sterling silver if it shows the mark '925' as shown above. True sterling silver must contain at least 
92.5% silver, which is the reason for the numbers 925. The remaining 7.5% is a mix of other metals (usually copper) as pure silver is too 
soft to use by itself and must be strengthened with these harder, denser metals.

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