What is a QUALITY in dash multimedia car stereo DVD?

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Thank you for your interest in our HIGH QUALITY 7” CAR DVD PLAYER, believe us it can REALLY make a difference to the way you drive your car and even change your life style in many ways.
At motorformula  , we guarantee you’ll pay the lowest price to buy the highest quality products. A common misconception is we should buy brand names for the best choice of any product, but don’t forget you’ll sometimes be paying three times the price, even then, they may not have all the inclusions our products have. So why pay such a high price for a brand name when you can buy from us and save money?
Why do we emphasize “HIGH QUALITY” as very important? What does “high quality” mean to us and you?
1. Every product is built to a five point Quality Assurance process.
Let us tell you something about our process. We contract our OEM manufacturer in mainland China, (which has a very good reputation in this field) to make a CAR DVD PLAYER to our specifications to suit our market, using only brand name components.  Every CAR DVD PLAYER has to pass 5 stages of QA testing before it’s dispatched to our customers. 
(1) First checking all the components, before they go into the assembly process.
(2) In-process inspection (progress inspection).
(3) Final production inspection (assembly line).
(4) Our branch office in Shenzhen, a pre-shipment check in China before export. 
(5) Finally the last stage in our QA process we complete a final inspection and test all units locally before dispatching to you.
At any stage in the above QA process, if a product fails it is rejected and withdrawn from stock.
2. Name brand components: Sony main chip and DVD loader, Sanyo CPU, Hitachi DVD laser, Samsung GPS.
There are so many similar products in the market, that have similar interface and functions, however, it’s the quality of components inside the unit that counts, these are the important links that make the unit such a high standard.
We know most other units in the market don’t have such a high standard of components like: Sony main chip and DVD loader, Sanyo CPU, Hitachi DVD laser, Samsung GPS. That’s why we are very confident about our quality standards are the best in the market today. 
3. High Resolution 800x480 pixels digital TFT screen vs. low resolution 480x234 pixels available from some manufacturers, you can see the difference straight away. The picture is crystal clear; lines are smooth, colours are bright and radiant.
4. Usually in other units, GPS RAM is 64MB, which is old technology, modern day GPS information needs more data crunching capacity and when you want to use the TTS (Text to Speech function, also Speak Street Name function), and 64MB won’t cut it. Our units have up to 128MB, which can handle the large amount data required and run TTS function smoothly, no more annoying “out of memory” messages on the screen.)
5.Technical Support & Installation Service
Our specialist team of experts and technicians with many years of experience are always ready to help you to solve any technical problems and questions any time.  We also can provide you information for installation in each state. We have our installers in Sydney that can install and customize your vehicle to any spec. 
In today’s market, there are sellers of cheap poor quality products. Often the price you pay reflects the poor standard, when things go wrong the cost to replace and inconvenience caused will far exceed the value of paying for a product of higher quality from us. So don’t get caught, play it safe, and buy right from the start.
We hope this information will help you. Again, we would like to remind buyers: please be aware of the quality of the products you are buying. Choose a  motorformula   product, just like many of our customers have done, you’ll be glad you did. 
Thanks for reading our guide, good luck! And, as always please visit our Store to see lots of other cool stuff.



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