What is a reasonable postage & freight charge?

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My biggest gripe when it comes to buying on ebay is a seller who obviously overcharges on postage or freight, merely to make more money. Nothing for me is more off-putting than an item that retails for $50 in the shops, the bidding price starts at $2.00, but the postage fee being charged is $30.00. If you are one of those sellers who does that kind of thing, I'm sure you'd sell more if you just had the asking price higher, rather than trying to entice potential bidders with a lower asking price.

So this brings me to writing a guide on reasonable postage & freight charges. To me a resonable fee is the actual cost to ship the item, plus an allowance to wrap and safely pack an item to be shipped to minimise possible damage to the item.

Put simply, if I were selling a piece of jewelery, such as a ring, the reasonable postage without Insurance would be the minimum package price that Australia Post charge, which is $3.60, plus say bubble wrap and small parcel envelope. This would roughly cost $3.00. The total shipping fee that should be charged to the winning bidder is: $6.60..... Not $15.00!

Happy Selling!

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