What is a woman's style and elegance in clothes?

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Elegance in clothes is really a reflection of an individual strength  and depth of one's character. It  really gives out a radiance of authority and inner strength when you know that you look wonderful and right  with that particular dress.A positve self image makes the person more attractive and confident and this in turn will transmit positive radiance to everyone around her,

There is a saying that goes like this.... Fashions come and go but STYLE is something that is very unique and very individual. It is a way where a woman dresses to flatter her own personal taste and personality and  how she expresses herself. There is certainly an elegance in being confident enough to dress for yourself and not worry about how other think. That's how a woman develop her own style, being sure of what is right for her alone and not worry about the latest fashion.

Fashions may come and go but the Style always stay with her.It is Personal!

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