What is an Ebook?

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The term Ebook (or e-book) can often be confusing to newer computer users, even the word itself, is represented in different ways, sometimes with capital letters, sometimes with a hyphen as well, but, very generally, an Ebook is an electronic book.  It is downloaded straight onto your computer, for you to view at your leisure.

It is important to appreciate that Ebooks may not even exist in a physical state.  Some customers can be disappointed when a hardback book doesn't arrive in the post.  They may not realize that because some Ebooks are 'interactive', sometimes they cannot be printed.

An Ebook has it's advantages, but also has disadvantages.

Most Ebooks are reference books of one sort or another, for the benefit of the reader.  They are rarely 'novels',  The idea of curling up with your computer for a good read doesn't seem to fit. If, however you are looking for information, then an Ebook could provide an answer.

Ebooks are useful in certain circumstances, 'How to' eBooks are ideal, as is any reference book, whether it's for research or a hobby.  A lot of Ebooks also cover ways to make and manage money - something everyone can use.

Recipe books are also great for Ebooks;

  • They don't take up room on your bookshelves
  • They never get dirty
  • You just print off the recipe you want and you're ready to start cooking
  • When you have made your recipe, you throw away the printed sheet
  • Then you're ready to start a new recipe

I actually sell loads of recipe Ebooks, but you might want to check out my Recipe Collection where you can buy 10 great recipe Ebooks for less than  $12.50.

Instruction books (particularly those that are computer related) are always easier to use when they are actually installed on your computer, as this allows you to 'toggle' between the book and the program you are using.  Have a look at HTML for Beginners, Secrets of Microsoft Word, Increase Traffic to your Website, Your Camera and Your Computer, amongst many others. You will find them all listed under the computers section of my eBay store.

Is extra software needed?

When an author sets out to write an EBook, he first decides in what format to write it.  This might be as a simple Microsoft Word document, if he only wants to pass on words.  If he wants to include pictures and/or diagrams he may decide to write it in PDF.  If he wants his Ebook to be interactive he may well decide to write it in HTML.

Whichever program he chooses to write his Ebook, you will need a compatible reader to be able to read it.  Most of us have Microsoft Word, if we have a Windows Operating system, but, it could be a problem for Apple Mac users.  HTML only needs a connection to the Internet and if you are reading this you have probably got that.  However, PDF is a different matter.

Many users have already got an Adobe Reader, which is required to access PDF files, but, if you haven't already got it, I would strongly advise downloading it from Adobe.  You only need the evaluation version, so there is no need to pay for it (unless you are thinking of writing your own EBook see my Create your Own EBook, also available from my eBay shop ).

What about zipped files?

Most Ebooks are downloaded in a 'zipped' format because it's so much quicker.  A long Ebook could take ages to download if it's not zipped.  The most popular 'zip' files are Winzip, and again, if you haven't got it you can download it direct from Winzip's website. You only need the trial version so there is no need to pay for it.

Need more help?

If there is anything you don't understand, although I am no computer wizard, I am happy to help.  You can contact me through the contact service offered by Ebay, or you may find my about me page interesting.





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