What is seller manager pro in eBay?

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What is seller manager pro in eBay?

Seller Manager Pro is a program available on eBay that enables sellers to automate many processes on eBay. Here are the different processes that can be automated with the help of this fantastic software:

- Sellers can set their preferences to leave automatic feedback for buyers. There are two options available here. Sellers can either choose a setting so that feedback will be left once the item has been paid for, or they can choose another setting, wherein feedback will be left after the item is paid for and after positive feedback has been left by the buyer first. This automated feedback system only leaves positive feedback. Since the feedback will be randomly selected from your stored comments, it is advisable to check that this comments section has some good sample feedbacks.
- Another process that can be automated with Seller Manager Pro is the email system. Sellers can choose to send various types of automatic emails to their buyers for a sold listing. Your choices in this regard are, Notification of Payment being received, Winning Bidder notice, and request for feedback. Sellers can choose to leave as many automated emails to buyers as they wish.
- If you have any automated listings that renew on their own, the Seller Manger Pro also helps you to stop such listings for the time being. Thus, if sellers do not want to cancel such listings altogether, but essentially wish to put them in ‘pause’ mode, then they can use the Seller Manager program to do so.

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