What is steering wheel control for car 2DIN DVD player?

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Okay, one version is if you have both hands on the wheel at 9 & 3 o’clock you have full control of your car’s steering wheel, and then think of how easy it would be if you could turn up the volume of your stereo without taking your hands from the steering wheel, that is by definition steering wheel control. 

So you want to install your brand new 7” car DVD player in your car and keep the factory fitted steering wheel controller? No problem, all you need is $100 and a SWI-JACK interface from the leaders in this technology – PAC. An SWI-JACK is basically an infrared eye that syncs with your factory fitted SWC, that allows up to 12 key strokes, such as Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Track Up, Track Down, Power, Preset Up, Preset Down, Source, Play and Band.

Installation is pretty straight forward, if you’ve had some experience installing car stereos. In most cars there should only be a few wires to connect, the car DVD player has wires often called keys these need to be connected as well. Then it’s simply a matter of following the instructions to properly install and sync your SWI with your SWC, and you’re FAB, sorry couldn’t resist dropping that in.

The SWI-JACK has the ability to store all programming in it’s hard memory, so it won't be lost even if the power supply is interrupted or vehicle's battery is disconnected.

Alternatively........ You can look for a unit that has been made to fit your car! There are a number of these and the better resellers or importers online and on  eBay will have some guides to help you find the right one for your car. 

Many vehicle manufacturers have kept the same design (Shape & Plugs) for a range of vehicles over a good span of years. Toyota for example have not changed the harness from 1989 until 2012. (2012 is classed as a changeover year) Nissan as well have a good string of vehicles with the same cables from 2001-2007 and now have a standard from 2007 (august) to 2013. (Excluding the D22 Navara which uses the older style double plug. 

While this simplifies your options and selections for a number of cars it is by no means straight forward. We recommend that you contact any seller you are interested with and send them the following information:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Series
  • Measurements.

A Great retailer will be able to tell you what will fit and what wont. 
An average retailer will not get back to you.

Word of warning, if you have not had any experience with car DVD installing and fitting an SWI, you’d be best advised to ask a professional installer to do it for you, often they will stock the SWI in the first place, so for the little extra money on top of the installation, will be a wise investment.

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