What is the Best Saving Account to open for a Child?

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Hopefully, you have a savings account for yourself, but do you have a child savings account ? A savings account for children allows you to provide for their future and can teach them the value of putting money aside. It’s a good way to encourage your own savings too, since your children will model your behavior. Many banks offer kids savings account, with lower deposit amounts and often no fees, as an incentive.When considering a savings account for children, make sure it is fee-free.

Children generally have less money to deposit than adults and you don’t want to unintentionally penalize your child by opening a kids savings account with unexpected fees and charges that negate any benefit.If your child is old enough, read through the Product Disclosure Statement with him or her. This will help them understand that the  child savings account has its own rules and there may be costs associated with bending or breaking them. A savings account for children shouldn’t have much, if anything, in the way of fees, but teaching children to read their banking literature is a good lesson for the future.

kids saving account can also be a big incentive. Perhaps you can offer to match some of the money your child deposits. Receiving the monthly statement can be positive feedback that encourages your child to continue saving regularly.Having a child saving account with their name on the paperwork can be a big step in growing up. It can provide your child with a sense of responsibility and the ability to make decisions about certain aspects of their own life. You’ll be able to watch them blossom before your eyes.

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