What is the Difference Between Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry?

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 In this post I will talk about the difference between Fine jewellery and Costume jewellery( known as fashion jewellery).

Definition of Fine jewellery?

What’s the fine jewellery? Most people will define the fine jewellery by metal. Jewellery made by silver, gold and platinum. Among them 925 sterling silver is the most common and affordable type of fine jewellery. 925 presents the high quality of the silver jewellery product. It consists 92.5% of genuine silver, the other 7.5% is made with alloy to prevent the jewellery from tarnishing and help to sharp the jewellery as well. (Pure silver usually too soft to be shaped up). “SS” or “925” usually stamped on the piece of jewellery to distinguish itself with other silver products.

Jewellery made with anything else, brass, copper, combo metals or plated metals etc can be called Costume jewellery or Fashion jewellery. To be better understand this , we can use two titles of jewellery products:
18k Gold Plated Necklace with Crystal Pendant can be classified as Fashion Jewellery
18k Gold Necklace with Diamond Pendant can be classified as Fine Jewellery

Although the quality of the metal can be used define the difference between fine jewellery and costume jewellery, as a jewellery seller for many years I can tell you the price has nothing to do with whether is fashion jewellery or fine jewellery. For example, many luxury or top design brand jewellery is made by brass (which is known as the best costume jewellery material). This may be known as other category – Designer Jewellery, however technically they are fashion jewellery.
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