What makes a great BUYER

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Like if this Guide is helpful

How easy can it be , like how to be a GREAT SELLER , I can give you tips and what other people like :)

Because I`am a buyer plus have been a seller

I can see both sides of the fence and how not to get into trouble.


1. Communication can never have enough of it, always keep the seller informed

2. Only bid for what you can afford. nothing worse then going to pay and realizing you don’t have the funds to pay for the item.

3. If you know you get paid a certain day, look for items ending on that day so you can pay within mins.
Nothing like having speedy payment written on your feedback.

4. If you see an item that has BUY NOW and don’t have the funds , I’m sure if you contact the seller and ask politely if you could buy now and pay on a certain day , 90% of sellers will say yes. Yes if your feedback is 100% or to their liking.

5. When you search for items you want, spell it different ways in search because many people can make typos and a simple letter could mean you find just what you want at a right price.

6. Make contact with the Seller as soon as item has been won to give date of when payment is to be expected. If you’re paying straight away use the checkout details to email.

7. Once payment is get into a habit of going straight to My Ebay and putting in payment sent by using the drop down menu next to the item bought.
This will give you a reminder of the date you paid for the item should any thing happens to the bank transfer.

8. Do you have a bank that won’t allow copy and paste that makes filling in details quicker? Easy fixed.

Go to the details left click on them and while your click is held down drag the mouse across the details and release. Your letters should be a different colour.

Now right click over the darkened letters and click COPY

Go to your bank and were you want to put the letters / numbers click with the mouse on it.

Now hold down CTRL key on your keyboard (under your shift key on the left)

whilst holding down CTRL press the letter V on your keyboard.

 This will paste the letters/number you want in.
It you want to copy , like above hold down CTRL but this time press the letter C

it will copy information for you..

I hope all the above information helps you in some way


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