What price do I start selling an item?

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When you want to sell an item on ebay, your starting price is very important. To attract potential buyers, a low value is more likely to catch their eye and engage their interest to look at the items listing. They are then likely to bid or tag it onto their "watch list".  There are three key aspects to setting your opening cost.


1. Choosing "Auction" and/or the "Buy it now" option.

2. Setting your minimum "item sold" price (minus packaging/postage/insurance/paypal costs) taking into account the item may sell at the starting price.

3. A realistic starting value.


Many buyers whilst bidding forget to add on the ancillary costs of getting the item to their door. The end result can be that these bidders buy an item over and above its actual worth resulting in more profit to the seller. On the flip side alot of bidders will not even consider buying the item if the postage costs are too excessive. Therefore you will have more possiblility of selling your item to a broader ebay community if you set a realistic starting value that will encourage auction bidding but also considering the fact your item may sell under your desired minimum. 

Make sure of your starting price by checking on ebay what same or similar items sell for. Watch a few over a period of several days to guage an average 'sold' price. Use this as reference to what you can expect to sell your item for then make your start price decision. 


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