What shoes are best for skateboarding?

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What shoes are the best for skateboarding?

A lot of people ask me what shoes are best for skateboarding in. For someone who has skated for many years then the answer comes to me very simply but if you are new to skateboarding or are trying to pick out some shoes for someone else and are not sure what to get, then this should make things a little bit easier for you.  The main thing you need to look for with skate shoes is the material. When you are skating in shoes it is impossible to not rip them but the process can be prolonged if you choose a shoe that is made from suede and not canvas. Suede is a lot more durable than a canvas shoe and will withstand the constant wear of skateboarding much better than canvas. As long as you make sure the shoes are made from suede then the rest comes down to your own personal preference. Skate shoes come in a variety of brands like Nike SB , Adidas, Vans etc, shapes, sizes and colours. As long as you have the suede bit right then it is up to you to pick what brand and style you will like and how much support and padding you like to be in your shoes. All skate shoes will provide a good level of protection for your feet, some more than others though so make sure to read the descriptions carefully too see if the shoes contain extra padding such as removable insoles, reinforced soles and extra padding in the tongue and around the heel and ankles. There is no right or wrong way with the amount of padding you should have in your skate shoe, as a lot comes down to personal preference with how much you like the extra feel of extra padding. Personally I like a slim lined shoe with a bit of support around my ankles but not too much as the more padding there is through the shoe the more it will effect the "board feel" of the shoe.
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