What to Expect at the 2014 Fashion Week Across Australia

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What to Expect at the 2014 Fashion Week Across Australia

The 2014 Fashion Week across Australia offers a dazzling array of fantastic clothes from a variety of designers, both seasoned and those just starting out. However, the Australian Fashion Week shows are not simply about fine garments and artistic inspiration; the accessories and finishing touches matter just as much. The designers' collections bring makeup and shoe trends to the forefront of the fashion scene. The viewers take aspects of the clothes, makeup, and shoes and integrate them into their own head-to-toe looks at home.



The Australian Fashion Week is renowned for featuring a wide range of Australian designers on their home turf. If the designers achieve success during the Australian Fashion Week events, it helps them gain ground with their collections internationally.

2014 talent

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2014 Fashion Week across Australia is seeing a wide range of designers, from established names to up-and-coming designers with only one collection under their label name. Australian Fashion Week 2014 celebrated newer designers, such as Strateas Carlucci and Michael Lo Sordo, alongside industry veterans Ae'lkemi and Gail Sorronda.


Mix of conceptual and ready to wear clothing

Designers are famous for their ability to create highly conceptual clothing with a dash of wildly artistic inspiration. The average person might not feel comfortable wearing these intricate pieces to their office party or on a relaxed weekend dinner with friends. The 2014 Fashion Week across Australia showcased a number of stunning ensembles that resemble works of art more than actual clothing sometimes. This makes for an exciting viewing experience, though it is not necessarily practical for every day wash and wear.

Wearable versions

Fortunately for fashionistas everywhere, the Australian Fashion Week designers included several ready to wear collections. These collections encapsulate the designer's vision without sacrificing any function. These pieces integrate well into the wearer's existing closet. It also gives their look an update without requiring a complete wardrobe overhaul.


Major makeup trends

The 2014 Fashion Week across Australia is not just about the clothes. Viewers get a first hand look at makeup trends that trickle down from Fashion Week to the local street stores. The designers pay extra attention to the makeup because it helps drive home their overall aesthetic.

Modern takes on the past, present, and future

For the 2014 Australian Fashion Week, makeup looks ran from classic to contemporary to futuristic. Some designers went with a highly polished concept while others opted for a more lived in, smudged out approach. Still others chose subdued makeup that mimics the appearance of wearing no makeup at all.

McGraw featured a sultry 1960s look and Alice McCall went for a sparkling grunge eye makeup. Meanwhile, Jayson Brunsdon took a typical autumn colour palette of rich browns and translated it into a summer version. Watching Australian Fashion Week helps the viewer figure out ways to add a new eyeshadow palette or lipstick to her existing makeup collection.


Footwear frenzy

Yes, the clothes are the centre of the designers' showcases. However, shoes play a central role in helping the designers make the right type of fashion statement. Designers know that the footwear can make or break the look, so they select their choices with specific criteria in mind. For the 2014 Fashion Week across Australia, the designers paired carefully chosen shoes with their artfully arranged ensembles.

Stunning shoes

While some designers stuck to the tried and true standards, such as neutral coloured stilettoes or wedges, many others pushed the boundaries. Interesting options included platform heels dyed deeply with saturated jewel tones, black high heels studded with sparkles, and woven black and white sandals. Some designers even opted for flats. This latter choice helps the viewers who do not like to wear high heels make fashion forward footwear choices that stay right on trend. The viewer can take inspiration from any of these daring choices and punch up the style factor in their own shoe collections.


How to buy items inspired by Fashion Week on eBay

Take your inspiration from the 2014 Fashion Week across Australia and breathe some new life into your closet. The sellers on eBay can help you stock your wardrobe with Fashion Week trends. From any eBay page, type your query into the search bar. Being specific helps to narrows the scope of the results. For example, entering "pink platform heels" returns more narrow results than simply entering "high heels". Stamp your closet with the current trends inspired by Australian Fashion Week.

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