What to Expect at the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney

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What to Expect at the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney

It is challenge to decipher the designers' visions when watching collections strut down the runway. Investigating the inspiration behind a collection helps the viewer see it as a cohesive unit, rather than a series of unrelated outfits. Often, viewers are drawn to a collection because it speaks to their personal style or has an aesthetic that excites their creativity. It is fun to find out that the inspiration mirrors a personal worldview or taste. Taking a page from the designers' playbook, the viewers can integrate similar inspiration into their wardrobes.


Alannah Hill: beautiful bombshells

For the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney, the fashion label put out a collection called La Bombe. Helmed by a new design team, the collection draws its motivation from classic film stars. It aims to provide a breath of fresh air for the brand while still staying true to its origins.

The collection features heavy doses of glamour with lace pieces, dresses with cinched waists, and skirts that hit anywhere from the thigh to just below the knee. Floral and leopard prints run riot across the softly feminine clothing. The colour palette relies on white backgrounds for the prints to help the vibrant cobalt, cherry, golden yellow, and pink to pop. Solid coloured pieces are monochromatic and simply styled.


Camilla: around the world

Camilla's collection for the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney holds fast to its moniker, "In the Name of the Tribe". She draws her muse for this collection from the concept that all women connect across the earth with an important bond of community. As a result, her pieces feature textures and patterns from across the globe.

Her collection bursts with intricate prints in stunning colours, which range from stark black and white, deeply saturated jewel tones, and pale pastels. Many of the shirts and skirts have flowing fabrics with skin strategically revealed, such as a shoulder or midriff, to compliment the clothing rather than detract from it.


Finders Keepers: fit, active, and functional

For its active wear collection for the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney, Finders Keepers head designer Kate Anderson pulled inspiration from active women who love exercise and spend plenty of time in their gym clothes.

She aimed to produce clothes any woman wants to wear throughout her daily activities, still looking nicely pulled together while running errands and hitting the gym. The brightly coloured pieces in the collection help the wearer transition effortlessly from the market to the gym. The designer grounds the collection with several pieces done in black.


Rachel Gilbert: svelte and soft

Rachel Gilbert's formal wear collection for the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney is called Purity. It is soft and elegant and aimed at the woman who has the poise to carry off a simple silhouette without needing piles of embellishments.

The gowns feature a neutral colour palette of white, nude, blush, and black emphasised with delicate beading, lace overlays, and soft sparkle. Rachel Gilbert stayed true to her concept — the woman who is not drawn to daring, plunging necklines or patches of exposed skin. Her muse prefers instead to make a strong statement with an air of mystery and glamour.


Phoenix Keating: exciting and eccentric

For his 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney collection, Phoenix Keating sought the flamenco dancers and the matadors for a heavy dose of inspiration. All of his collections are intrinsically inspired by transience, the idea that nothing lasts forever and life changes quickly. He loves to surprise audiences. It comes as no surprise that pop star Lady Gaga latched onto his aesthetic right when he launched his brand and helped him gain popularity.

This collection showcases large, boxy shirts emblazoned with a gold steer head. Many hit above the models' midriffs or are split up the front from the bottom. The colour palette is primarily white, pale blue, and black with shining gold accents. A particularly punchy ensemble features a pair of wide legged trousers in gold glitter.


How to buy clothes inspired by the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney on eBay

Now that you have a good idea of the inspiration behind some of your favourite designers featured at the 2014 Fashion Week in Sydney, turn to the sellers on eBay to help integrate the inspiration into your wardrobe. From any eBay page, simply enter the item into the search bar. Be specific to narrow the scope. For example, typing "women's gold trousers" returns more specific results than "women's trousers". Let the designers' vision enhance your personal style with your new clothes from eBay.

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