What to Expect at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week

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What to Expect at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week

Paris is the undisputed fashion centre of France, if not the fashion capital of the world. From Coco Chanel to Louis Vuitton, a Parisian name can put stars in the eyes of nearly any fashion devotee. In 2014, Paris Fashion Week did not shrink away from its reputation, offering plenty in the way of fresh looks and new takes on vintage-inspired clothes. The Paris runways, displaying clothing for Spring 2015, were creative, colourful, and certainly chic.


Fashion trends from the 2014 Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week in any city certainly puts an emphasis on the clothes. Despite fierce competition between top designers, trends always tend to emerge and 2014 was no different. Certain silhouettes, colour stories, and even fabrics created a thread through shows around the city.

Sheer fabrics

For much of the world, when spring comes it is time to shed heavy layers and slip into clothes that are lighter in weight and vibrant in colour. Shows such as Balenciaga took this idea to the extreme by offering clothing made from fabrics that left little to the imagination. Oversized dresses worn over matching bandeau tops and micro mini skirts may not be appropriate for every occasion, but they are certainly stylish.

Cut outs

Taking an existing trend and building on it is another way that designers continue to keep things fresh season after season. Although cut outs are not necessarily a new trend, at the 2014 Fashion Week in Paris, labels including Paco Rabanne and Balmain gave it a second look. Cuts outs most often appear on the side of dresses or even sportswear, showing off pops of bare skin in the midriff or hip region.

Vintage-inspired styles

Some designers even found inspiration in fashion from the past. At the 2014 Paris Fashion Week, the decades of choice were the 1960s and 1970s. From the 1960s mod-era, the Louis Vuitton show took leather mini skirts, cropped jackets and printed knit styles. From the 1970s, labels including Coco Chanel and Saint Laurent took brown suede looks, loud plaid prints, and even some throwback brocade.


In everyday looks, denim is casual and hardly high fashion. However, the material, named for a city in France, got back to its roots at Paris Fashion Week in 2014. With bold denim boiler suits from both Stella McCartney and Chloe, the look has a casual flair without looking thrown together. Further, the Stella McCartney suit was a faded, soft denim, which shows that not only dark, flat denim can be elegant.


Accessory trends from the 2014 Paris Fashion Week

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories to go along with it. Not even a look straight from the runway is immune from this truth. The looks at Paris Fashion Week in 2014 included many bold accessories that could easily translate to wear away from the flashbulb lights.


Despite the gusty reputation of the spring season, hats were one notable accessory trend at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week. Some of the runway headwear looks from shows like Junya Watanabe and Jean Paul Gaultier were not exactly practical, but they certainly made a splashy impression.


While a scarves have a solid reputation as a winter accessory, they usually end up in the back of the closet come spring. However, a true accessory does not require a purpose and the scarves on display in Paris are not for keeping necks warm. Instead, skinny scarves twist around the neck for a purely aesthetic appeal, replacing sparkling necklaces and imbuing outfits with a nautical appeal.

Gladiator sandals

Just as midriffs and shoulders start to appear in the spring, so, too, do manicured toes. The runways at Chloe and Givenchy both offered a fresh take on gladiator sandals. These impressive accessories climb up the leg, stopping just short of the kneecap and put the shin and toes on display while still leaving something to the imagination.


How to buy designer fashion on eBay

Shopping on eBay is a great way to find deals on high fashion clothes that are on trend. Use the search box on any page of the site to look for the styles that you crave. You can use general terms like "sandals" or get very specific like "Stella McCartney mini skirt" and then use the provided filters to narrow your results. The nature of fashion is that it is always changing, but when you buy stylish pieces that are personal to you, then you can create truly timeless looks.

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