What to Wear with Ankle Boots

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What to Wear with Ankle Boots

There is perhaps no modern accessory that so effortlessly transitions between summer, autumn, and winter better than ankle boots, also known as booties. These versatile fashion accessories are really popular among fashion bloggers and celebrities. However, for the new ankle boot aficionado this unique type of footwear may seem daunting to wear exactly because of that versatility. From jeans and tights to dresses and even shorts, there are few limits to what one can wear with ankle boots, and a few simple tips to get started.


Wear ankle boots and jeans

The easiest way to wear ankle boots is with a great pair of skinny, straight cut, or boyfriend jeans. Since the silhouette of all these jean styles serves to elongate the leg, they typically pair well with the tiny profile of ankle boots.

Cuff jeans, do not tuck them

The number one rule when wearing jeans and ankle boots is to cuff them rather than tuck them into the booties. Most jean cuts, with the exception of super skinny cuts, are just too bulky to seamlessly tuck into ankle boots. However, there is no one right way to cuff jeans when pairing them with ankle boots, which makes this a great place to add in some creative fashion flair. Here are some ideas for different types of jeans:

  • Ankle-length skinny jeans: neatly rolled double-cuffs
  • Full-length skinny jeans: large (at least 10 cm) single cuffs
  • Boyfriend jeans: mismatched rolls

Regardless of the jean style or cuffs made, it is important to maintain the fluidity of the leg and the elongated profile. The best way to do this is to choose tighter cuts, such as skinny jeans, and show just a bit of ankle between the boot top and cuff bottom.


Wear ankle boots and tights

Tights and leggings are the perfect companion to ankle boots since the naturally fit slides right into the boot cuff like an extension of the leg itself. When pairing ankle boots with tights or legging, the key is to use colour judiciously to either elongate the leg or add some creative pizazz.

Elongate the leg

Keeping colours consistent, as in wearing a black skirt with black tights and black ankle boots, is one way to create a longer, more fluid leg line. However, because the bottom layer of this look is monotone, it is important to add colour and interest to the rest of the outfit with contrasting patterns and brighter tones in the top half along with statement jewellery.

Add creativity

Ankle boots can make their own statement when contrasted with the outfit itself. Again, using black as a base, pair bright or light-coloured ankle boots with tights and an oversize shirt or sweater. By adding a few contrasting accessories such as a long necklace or a bright scarf which coordinate with the boot colour, the final outfit creates a striking contrast that is unique to the wearer.


Wear ankle boots and maxi skirts or dresses

A maxi skirt or maxi dress provides an element of casual comfort that, itself, works as a transitional garment between warm and cool months. Especially if wearing a slitted maxi skirt, the peek-a-boo of an ankle boot in a contrasting colour adds a fun surprise to the outfit.

There is also some built-in versatility with the maxi skirt and ankle boot pairing. A sleeveless top is great in late summer, while paring the dress and boots with a sweater moves the style into autumn and beyond.


Wear ankle boots with a short skirt or shorts

The real versatility of ankle boots is their ability to seamlessly work with long pants and tights in the cooler weather while also pairing with shorter-cut bottoms during warm and transitional periods. A summer dress transitions into the early autumn months when paired with a jacket and ankle boots. A flowing, feminine skirt that hits above the knees is easy to pair with ankle boots and neutral socks. Finally, even on summer days a pair of heeled-ankle boots and denim shorts work well as a casual, flirty outfit, particularly when paired with a lightweight scarf.


How to buy ankle boots on eBay

No matter the style, size, or colour of ankle boot you want to add to your wardrobe, there are many options from which to choose on eBay. To get started, do a search from any page on the site for the type and size of ankle boot you want, such as "size 7 suede ankle boots" and then use the limiters provided to narrow down the options according to factors such as colour, brand, and even price.

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