What to do in Winter

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Hi everyone Winter in Australia is starting to come in thick and fast, what can we do when the weather starts getting cold, wet and windy and did I mention WET.  I know I don't like going out in the cold prefering to stay inside with my trusty heater on, but what about some of the items we need to buy.  the internet is the way to go, Ebay for example is a great place to buy anything and everything, and the beauty of it is you can do it in HEATED comfort.  Why go out in the miserable weather when you can shop in the comfort of your own home.

Same goes with our friends in the Northern Hemisphere where they are entering Summer. and HOT days  well not as hot as we get here but I think you know what I mean. who wants to go out on stinking hot days, when you can shop at home online.

Not only do I dodge the weather that I don't like. I also have managed to save myself a fair bit of money shopping online and cutting out the middle man with all their overheads. that push up prices.

Ebay is only one of a number of sites that you can use to purchase. just seems that Ebay is the name that seems to crop up every time I mention buying something online.

so if it is clothes, pet supplies and my own specialty scrapbooking and craft supplies. I think you can't go wrong giving this place a go.


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