What to do when a BUYER stated POST TO NIGERIA

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Firstly DONOT send the item. ALL requests from people to post to nigeria are a scam. You will NOT get the money. You will get either a fake paypal email, a rubber cheque in the mail, or they will state things, like, "My bank will not release the money util I have a postal tracking number"

Most are 0 feedback bidders who have joined int he past day or two.

What to do.

1. As stated before, keep your item with you.

2. Go to the dispute console, and start a dispute. You can get ebay to send you details and you can check them against your knowledge, a phone book, and ebay's own files.  IF anything at all is sus, send this info to ebay.

3. Wait for ebay, they usually have a 24 hour turn around. The person will be derigistered and now for your refund....

To get a refund for listing fees.

1. Go to the dispute console, AFTER you have done the above.

2. Select trouble with buyer, or non payment

3. select No longer registered buyer and ebay will refund you the money for the listing.

To avoid/minimise this in the future.

1. Have an instand payment with paypal for your buy it now. This Small bix is on your options for payent. It does not show up if you re-list though so avoid buy it now for the relisting, but in a new auction, this option is avaliable.

2. Do NOT post to Nigeria. Have a policy and post this in your auction. Also go to the ebay option for your account, and select buyer restrictions. Select 'do not allow bidders from countries you do no post to'

Do not put worldwide in your auctions.

3. Whilst in the restriction options, also select 'do not allow bids from buyers with a feed back of" and select your prefered number.


This should help. Remember post in the Auction itself, that you do not post to Nigeria. This will also speed up the resolution process, as it is a situpaltion in the auction.  Therefore the buyer has breached the rules of the auction.


Keep your eyes peeled and be aware if yo uare selling an expensive item, the person's brother, father, uncle husband who is living/working/travelling etc in Nigeria don't exist. If it was so urgent they would buy it new and post it them selves.


Best of luck.

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