What to look for in an Ebay seller

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When you look at my FB you will see I buy much more than I sell, I am just a hoarder, can't help myself.

Here are my tips/ideas for buying on Ebay

When buying from an Ebay seller always check their Feedback. Sellers with a high feedback rating will have the odd Negative FB and Neutral FB, we are only human.

The secret is to try and resolve the problem to both parties satisfaction. Don't be too tough on a seller, if people haven't received their items, but if it a consistent problem I would be very wary.

Australia Post hasn't the best name when it comes to efficiency. They do try, but some sellers type the incorrect address and what has happened to me is the Post Office has placed the item/s in the incorrect mail post box or residence. This is a common problem.

If the item/s is valued at over $30.00 I suggest to buyers to use Registered Post for safety and security, but that is up to them. I certainly pay the extra, that way I can track the item/s.

If you are buying from an overseas seller there is a big risk as their english/writing can be poor and their countries postal services might be archaic. There are some countries I will not even consider buying from.

Check the prices, look at other sellers., but remember the FB will give you an idea of the quality issued by the seller you are considering.

I really don't take too much notice of the star reliability system unless a particular star stands out.

You might think that the postage rate is excessive, again check FB this will give you the complete picture. remember sellers have to pay fees, buy packing/boxes/bubble wrap etc. so take this into account.

I always mention in the FB if the item is well pack. Some sellers are just incredible and go to so much trouble. I always pack as if I was receiving the item/s.

I answer every question, and if you DO NOT receive no answer I am either dead, very sick or have been called away and there is no computer where I am located. Be patient with all sellers.

Ebay has been fun for me over the last 6 years, but also very upsetting and frustrating at times. I have made some good email friends from selling on Ebay, this includes collectors from other countries.

They love to see and hear news of our unique wildlife and wonderful beaches/rainforests/Barrier Reef/Ayres Rock (Uluru) etc.

Enjoy Ebay and be patient with sellers.

Please excuse my spelling, the keyboard is Dyslexic.......


Colin (emohruo16) "ourhome" backwards.....
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