What to look for in digital cameras

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There are so many digital cameras on the market, so how do you know you are getting a good one? When you take it home, are you going to be satisfied with the quality of the pictures?

Megapixels are not the only thing needing consideration, the optical zoom and the manual settings are often more important. Many cheap cameras may have 6+ megapixels but they produce poor photos. Why? Well it is due to the technology used... once you go above 5 megapixels the overall quality of the camera comes into consideration... I brought a 4 megapixel Canon Powershot A430... at first you may say 4 megapixels! That is nothing... however the quality it produces is often twice as good as similiar products (I only paid $174 australian for mine)... for best image quality you can't go past a Canon.

Forget digital zoom... this makes the photos really bad... instead look at the optical zoom... mine has a 4x zoom... very nice for me

Don't get conned by a large LCD screen, flash looks or huge megapixels... there is so much more to consider... the most important rule is do you research before you buy, that way you know you are getting exactly what you want.

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