What to look for when purchasing a djembe drum

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Is the drum is tuned?
Always check that your djembe is tuned for you, otherwise you may be purchasing a flat sounding drum.

Is the drum made from one solid piece of wood?
Check the drum is made from one solid piece of wood. Inferior two piece drums have a thin straight cone that inserts into the head and are prone to separating.  If the drum doesn't state "made from one single/solid piece of wood", do not buy it, as the straight cone doesn't produce as good a sound as the carved flared cone and the two pieces are likely to separate or crack  eventually, especially if dropped.

Your drum should be strung with quality high tensile alpine rope
Avoid low quality drums strung with cheap inferior shoe string instead of high quality alpine rope.  Shoe string isn't very strong and is prone to breaking as it's very thin and has no flex.  Shoe string is easy to spot as it isn't usually strung with as many tension points as other higher quality drums of the same size.

The skin should be natural unbleached
Check that you skin is natural and not bleached, as the bleaching process increases the risk of splitting. Bleached skins are bright white and don't have varying shades in them.
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