What type of Anime is for you?

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What Type of anime is for you?

Figuring out what type of Anime to watch is sometimes difficult, and i find it hard to sometimes choose which to get, so i hope with this short guide, i can help you figure out which Anime you may like, and avoid getting any boring Anime .(boring to one person, maybe exciting for another)


Step one!:

Of The movies or series' you've seen, and they dont have to be Anime or whatever, Which ones do you tend to enjoy the most? 
For instance do you like action programs/movies such as: Die Hard, Alias, Mr and Mrs Smith etc..
Or Fantasy like: Buffy, Charmed, The mummy, etc...
Or romance?

Liking more than one genre is not uncommon, thats what makes it sometimes hard to find Anime you may enjoy without it being too much of one genre with little or none of the other.

Step two!:

Anime is NOT a Genre! It's a medium, and within a Medium there are genre.
Now that thats straight, it you're buying for a child...don't just buy any anime thinking that it's a
Cartoon, and any will be ok...Research is a must unless the child has seen episodes of that Anime they want, such as Sailor moon, Mew mew power, Cardcaptors and Pokemon..

So within Anime there are rating such as General , Mature etc... but most of the time i find that they're not written on the box unless it's an Australian or American release.
There is a website that i like to call my Anime Bible, it has heaps of information of Anime series, movies and OAV's, I suggest a visit there before commiting yourself to buying an anime,
It's called: animenewsnetwork (.com ) 
So in this step you have to decide what age and rating you will be needing.

Step three!:

Finally we've got your type of genre, and rating...now it's time for listing some Anime that suit each genre.

  •   Action (purely action, no romance with an M rating):
    Samurai X movie, Ghost in the shell series.
  • Action and Romance (M rating):
    Elfen Lied (M15+ Strong violence! Not for the feint hearted) Full metal Alchemist (only a little romance, and a bit of fantasy)
  • Action/ Fantasy/Romance (M rating):
    Inuyasha, Orphen, Rune soldier, Angel Sanctuary, Neon Genesis, Chrono Crusade, X anime

  • SciFi/Romance (M rating)
    Gundam seed...

  • Fun/Romance (PG - M rating):
    Love Hina, Ai yori Aoshi, Chobits (with a hint of sci-fi)

  • Fantasy/Fun/romance (G - PG rating):
    Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor moon, Tsubasa (more PG, with a bit more action)
  • Fun/Adventure (G-PG rating)
    Pokemon, Digimon,  etc...

  • Adventure/Action (PG rating)
    Dragon ball Z etc...

I hope this small guide has helped, as you may have noticed that my preffered genre is Action, Fantasy with a lil romance thrown in.

TIP: Also, if you're unsure about an anime, most of the Anime come from or accompany a Manga, which is the comic book/graphic novel format, so try picking up one of those at a bookstore and having a glance through to see if you like the style.

DON'T forget! : animenewsnetwork!

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