What will an advanced timing(rocket) key do for my bike

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Hey guys.... this guide is simply about what an advanced timing or rocket key can do for your bike.

Heading back about 2 years ago, the design of the Cag motors really wasnt all that flash. The advanced timing keys were originally designed by ADA Racing in the USA to advance the timing of the motor by about 10 degrees. They were retarded as standard, as the motor originally was basically a whipper snipper motor.

The advancing of the timing gives the bike a nice increase in torque across the rev range, and in most cases, increased the top speed of the bike with all else unchanged, by a minimum of 2 km/hr.

So on the face of it, it might look like these keys will make every bike faster..... but this just isnt true anymore.

The motor manufacturers have now realized that to stay the best, they need to make their motors naturally quicker than the rest, and more reliable. So they've pretty much fixed the retarded timing issue from long ago.

This doesnt mean the timing key wont do anything for your standard motor. Unfortunately, there's only one way to know for sure anymore, and thats to fit it and see. You may notice an improvement, or you may not.

Finally, if you have a 2 piece headkit fitted to your bike, whether this is the old cast head design or the new billet designs, please be careful when fitting a timing key to your motor. Due to the increase in compression of the motor, the key can advance the timing too far, and you may end up with severe detonation...... this means your motor may go bang bang at a very bad time......

My advice bottom line??? Well if you have a standard motor, try out a key and see how it goes.... its a cheap way to get some more kick from your bike. But dont lose the standard key..... just in case. If the motor is an old motor i.e. over 18months, your motor may respond well to the key. If you have 2 piece headkit, or any motor with an increase in compression, I wouldn't fit one, and if you do, please be careful.

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