What you should know before you buy an iPhone 4 case

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If you go to ebay Pulse and run a query for top search terms, iPhone 4 case will be very close to the top.

Naturally, to be a top ranking search term, there are an impressive amount of people wanting a case to wrap around their expensive iPhone.

If you were to ask a person why they want a case... they would answer you with a bewildered look on their face, "to protect my iPhone" of course.

Who would argue with that? Afterall, if you've acquired your iPhone on a phone plan, by the time your plan expires you will have paid about $1,200 for the phone.

With such an expensive device, the last thing you want is to drop your phone or accidently step on it and hear the heart stopping sound of shattering glass or folding metal. You also do not want the situation where your screen gets so badly scratched from simple things such as repeated set downs and pick ups from table tops. Trust me, a simple act as this over time will badly scratch your screen.

A scratch is simply a minute crack on a surface layer. Talk to any engineer and they will tell you that an engineers greatest fear is a crack. Cracks and scratches alike, love to hang out together. They attract one another and will eventually merge, creating larger and more dense cracks and scratches untill, well, you're forced into using a sixth sense to read your text messages.

So yes, a case is a practical requirement.

Unlike Women who have the option of carrying their case in an handbang away from the body, most men carry their cases very close to their bodies in their pockets (front or back).

One thing most people overlook when thinking about purchasing an iPhone 4 case or other, is that:

1. by their basic operation, mobile phones have to emit a small amount of electromagnetic radiation.

2. mobile phones emit signals via radio waves, which are comprised of radio-frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation.

3. There's a lot of talk in the news these days about whether or not cell phones emit enough radiation to cause adverse health effects.

At this point you may be asking yourself, "what does this have to do with iPhone 4 cases or covers?

4. 90 percent or more of the cases being sold on Ebay have china as their origin.

5. The majority of cases being sold are made of plastic, plastic derivatives, silicone, solicone derivatives or rubber.

6. The cases are incredibly cheap.

Again, what does this have to do with choosing an iPhone 4 case or cover?

7. a case selling for lets say $10.00 with free shippingg is making money for the manufacturer, wholesaler / distributor and the retailer.

Hang on a minute... that means the manufacturing cost of the case must be so small almost to be negligible. How is this possible?

8. Unknown to many people, is that China is one of the largest users of recycled, reclaimed and scrap materials in manufacturing.

9. There is very little regulation that controls or limits the use of scrap material from questionable sources.

10. The fact is, the cheaper the material cost for a manufacturer, the more money they make, even when selling the item for peanuts.

11. It is well known that China hasa very poor record when it comes to use of contaminated or harmful materials in manufacturing processes. Even chldrens clothing or toys have not been safe from the use of contaminated or dangerous materials. If you as a manufacturer has got contaminated or dangerous materials as a bi product of a manufacturing process you've undertaken, your options are either to dump it as waste with no financial benefit, or sell it very very cheaply as an input into another manufacturing process for a little benefit. What option would you choose?

Also, if you were a manufacturer and had to choose between using a newly processed material at regular cost or recycled or reclaimed materials at little or no cost to produce an item capable of being manufactured by both, which would you choose?

12. Whether you choose cheap or expensive chinese imported items, one way or another you will pay.

Earlier on I made a mention of mobile phones emitting radiation via radio waves.

Radiation on its own is bad enough if the levels are significant. What happens when you throw into the mix, cheap plastic cases from unknown origins which are being activated (usually through the heat biproduct of radiation) produced from your phone?

13. How often in a day do you handle your case when picking up your phone?

14. How close to your body do you carry your phone in its case?

15. Do you handle food without washing your hand after touching your case?

More important than protecting your iPhone is protecting your health.

When selecting an Iphone case to purchase, remember that product pricing is a matter of economics and competition.

If you can sell an iPhone 4 case cheaply while making money and squashing your competition why wouldn't you do it.

Most eople come to ebay to find cheap items to buy securely and with confidence. More often than not, those who sell their cases at higher prices, do so because they've got higher input costs to cover.

In China everyone want to produce items cheaply to gain a competitive adge. This attitude creates a race to the bottom in terms of product quality and safety.

I never buy cheap chinese products because I know what has likely gone into making them. I do buy chinese made goods, but I buy those of reasonable cost because I also know what has likely gone into making them.  

When you choose an iPhone 4 case to purchase on ebay, think about how often you will use and handle the phone and its case and how close it will be to your body.

You have spent a significant amount on getting the Apple iPhone 4 case, why should you potentially throw away your health in order to obtain a cheap case of dubious origins?

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