Whats a good car audio setup?

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Get the best set of components / splits you can afford. Instead of spending on front and rear speakers just get a set for the front. A pair of top notch speakers sounds better than 2 pairs of mediocre speakers.

Components require more power to drive them so require an amplifier for best results. A 2 channel amp will do the trick but if you want a sub then you can either get a 4 channel and bridge the rear channels to power the sub or preferably get a seperate monoblock amp for the sub.

As soon as you go 2 or more amps you need to upgrade the cars electrical system or you will kill the factory battery. ie. better battery like an Optima.

Head units you can't go wrong with Alpine, Clarion or Pioneer. Notice the absense of some other brands here (that is intentional for good reasons).

Cabling - Stinger, QED or Audison.

Sound proofing - Dynamat, Stinger or G-Spot.

Speakers - listen to as many different speakers as possible to decide what type of sound you like. Some people prefer soft rather than hard tweeters. Other people like very bassey sound. Yet other like the very natural sounds that Rainbow and Focal provide. Other brands to look at include Eton, Boston, Crossfire, Digital Designs, Hertz, Image Dynamics, Phoenix Gold, Morel, Vibe, DynAudio and Phass.

Amps - Audison, Crossfire, Phoneix Gold, Digital Designs, Treo, Tru-Tech, Vibe and Zapco.

Battery - Optima or Stinger.

Due to the small interior of a car like the Honda Jazz optimal sized sub is 10" or less. This is not a hard and fast rule as the Vibe Space 12 didn't sound boomy in the Jazz. As with most hatches best if firing rearward. I can go into more detail about subs but then this post will get too long.

Positioning of the front speakers in the Jazz is relatively easy. The factory mounts in the doors are ideal for the mid base and the tweeters sound best in the kick panels ie. at floor level. You'll see alot of setups with the tweets up on the A pillars or top of the doors. The distance between the tweets and your ears and the mid bass and your ears then becomes disproportional on each side and between the left and right sides. Equi distance and hence the best sound is best achieved in the postions I suggested. Humans are more sensitive to location in the horizontal plane than in the vertical plane.
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