Whats in a warranty

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Does a warranty on Ebay really mean anything??

Yes it does, if a buyer is willing to advertise a warranty then you are intitled to it, a lot of sellers will advertise warranties that they just can't keep and have no intention of ever keeping, it is a false way of making a sale, as far as Fair Trading goes with auctions, the heading will start with "Buyers beware" and they are true, but the best way to ensure a seller follows thru with the warranty they promise on there listing is this.

1. Always read the warranty conditions carefully

2. Always pay with Paypal, this is very important, as you can lodge a dispute with Paypal and they will freeze the payment until the dispute is resolved, they will hold the funds until they feel both parties are happy or they will decide upon all evidence being presented, and most cases they will always go the buyers way.

3. Don't get nasty, just explain what has happened and what is needed to have it fixed, always back your claim up with a picture and send it thru to the seller.

4. Contact the seller thru Ebay messages and thru email, some sellers will only use one or the other, it is best to cover both.

5. Always keep your item number handy, this is proof of purchase.

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